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Gender and Education Association International Conference

  • University of Portsmouth (map)

Conference Theme: About face: Identities, In/visibilities, Inequalities, and Intersections in education

The Gender and Education Association 2019 conference committee at the University of Portsmouth seeks to bring together education practitioners, activists, academics, students, community leaders, artists, researchers, and policymakers to explore identities, in/visibilities, inequalities, and intersections in education through a gendered lens. Engaging with and expanding upon contemporary debates about educational inequalities (at both national and global levels), the conference invites contributions which in different ways address how structural forms of oppression – such as (hetero)sexism, racism, classism, and ableism – operate within and shape educational environments and institutions. Over the course of the conference, one of the primary aims is to move beyond discussion towards a collectively-created call to action to address systemic inequalities in education at local, national, and international levels.
Our conference theme, About Face, aims to spur conversation about the multitude of ways in which inequalities shape the contemporary global context, and how these are both enforced and challenged within and through education.

Bold Voices Workshop
Wednesday 26th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Session 4:B - Portland 1.51

The Global Gender Inequality Scale: An Anti-Oppressive Educational Activity
Presenter: Ms Natasha Eeles

Abstract : This session will be a chance to discuss, examine and exchange ideas on an anti-oppressive educational activity that we use at Bold Voices to explore global gender inequality with sixth form pupils. At Bold Voices we provide workshops and lectures on gender equality in schools. Our most potent activity is the Global Gender Inequality Scale that asks pupils to place different forms of gender inequality onto a spectrum, line, graph, or other presentation of their choosing. To begin with they are given relatively straightforward forms to place in an order, however as the activity progresses its gets increasingly complex; asking pupils to reconsider their initial assumptions of how different forms of inequality are connected. The aim of the activity is to encourage critical thought around these concepts and push pupils to leave their comfort zone by interrogating their assumptions around gender inequality. On completing the activity they have a better understanding of how forms of global inequality are inextricably linked and ultimately gain a deeper insight into how best to move forward towards a more equal future. At the GEA Conference we would love to present some of the observations and conclusions we have made from carrying out this activity with pupils from across the UK. The session would involve a chance to carry out the activity as the pupils would, followed by commentary, debate and discussion about what these findings mean for how we can move forward with educating young people on how best to critically evaluate and partake in the movement for gender equality.


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