Bold Voices believes that being able to associate and empathise with pupils is what leads to successful discussions. That is why it is so important to us that we have young, enthusiastic individuals leading our education. 

Natasha Eeles

Natasha Eeles MSc

Natasha is the Founder of Bold Voices. She has an academic foundation in issues of gender and equality with an MSc in Gender and International Relations from the University of Bristol. Prior to this, her undergraduate in History (University of Bristol) instilled in her a recognition of the importance of critical thought and analytical skills. Today, this is the bedrock from which Bold Voices provides equality education.

Natasha founded Bold Voices in 2018 after seeing a need for young people to develop a critical awareness of gender inequality. She grew up as an Army child and was a member of the University Officer Training Corps at Bristol for three years. These experiences position her at the unique intersection of the military world and that of the advocacy for women’s rights; an insight that informs much of her thinking.

Alongside founding Bold Voices, Natasha works for Women in Foreign Policy, an organisation that aims to inspire and educate young women to pursue careers in foreign policy. She is a passionate gender and women's rights advocate.

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