At Bold Voices we provide stimulating, thought-provoking education to explore and understand how gender intersects across the world.

It is vital that our future leaders are made aware of how gender intersects with every element of people's lives. Young people today must be given the tools and the courage to identify inequality and speak out against it.

our vision

A world of equality.

We have a vision for a world in which equality no longer has to be fought for.

Our Mission

To aid teachers in bringing empowered education for equality to a new generation of young people in order to equip them with the skills and the courage to challenge inequality.


The Bold Voices Lecture Series are intended for pupils (enquire for age relevant topics), teachers and parents - or a mix of the above! They cover a wide range of topics, a sample of which can be found below, however please get in touch if there is a specific topic or area of focus you would like to hear about.

Please enquire for prices.

From Misogyny to Gendered Violence

A revealing insight into the interconnectedness of gender relations and how the seemingly insignificant smaller inequalities are inextricably linked to larger, more extreme forms of inequality. This lecture takes the school as it’s locale; providing a relatable context from which pupils can develop their understanding.


Popular Culture and the Media

We are greeted daily by fresh allegations in the headlines, by celebrity feminist ambassadors and by the continued objectification of women in popular culture. This lecture dissects the gendered aspects of popular culture and the media; giving pupils the tools to consume these messages critically.

A History of Feminism

It has been 100 years since women were granted suffrage in the UK, but what progress was made in the interim? This lecture provides an overview of the history of feminism from an intersectional approach, introducing broad themes and key historical moments, culminating in an understanding of what feminism means today.


Harassment, Assault and Rape Culture at University

Universities across the UK are facing an epidemic of harassment, sexual assault and gendered violence. This lecture explores rape culture; what it is, how it is maintained and how it can be tackled. This is essential knowledge for parents and teachers to be aware of and for students who are soon to be leaving school.

Equality Based Teaching

Education must become more feminist and equality based in order to equip pupils with the tools to tackle gender inequality. This lecture introduces teachers to key concepts, an awareness of how and when inequality occurs, and how they can begin to combat it in schools through integration in education.


educator training

Whether it's an induction day or after school session we can put together a tailored package that supports your teaching staff to understand and deliver gender equality education effectively.

Please enquire for prices.

One Day

Our one day training introduces teachers to key ideas and concepts of gender inequality before applying them to specific school examples and environments, ending with practical advice on how to integrate equality education into the curriculum and how to discuss these issues with pupils.



Our one hour sessions are structured as a mixture of lecture and workshop; they provide depth of information whilst allowing deeper exploration of issues in a short space of time. We recommend several one hour sessions over the course of a year to build on knowledge and develop solid understanding.

Some examples of topics covered:

  • Structural Inequality: How is gender inequality maintained?

  • Feminism in School: Is there a place for feminism in schools? 

  • Gender Language: Does language in the classroom matter?

  • University Preparation: What is UK university rape culture?

  • Let’s Talk About Gender: How can we have these difficult conversations with pupils?

Do you have an idea for a topic that would be useful? Get in touch! We are always open to tailoring our education and are keen to work with teachers to develop useful, effective sessions.


We believe that it is by supporting you, the teachers, to make your teaching more feminist and equality based that we can really make the difference with young people. And for this to be accessible for as many teachers as possible, we're bringing it online.

The Bold Voices Platform (coming soon!) is an online space for resources, courses, tutorials, lesson plans and a community of like-minded teachers - all at your fingertips. We want this to be created with teachers, for teachers. So we want your input on what you think the biggest challenges are to developing equality based learning and what you would benefit most from a platform like this.

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If you are a corporate organisation and require a speaker or workshop facilitator on gender equality please get in touch. We would love to hear from you and are keen to collaborate with all.