The World Economic Forum estimates it will take…

100 Years

… to close the equality gap between men and women.


But what if we could equip our pupils to achieve gender equality in their lifetime?


The power for change lies in the hands of the younger generations; your pupils.


Together we can equip them with the knowledgecritical skills and courage to give them the greatest chance of succeeding.



The World Economic Forum outlines in 2018’s Global Gender Gap Report that it will be another 108 years before we achieve gender parity given current rates of change. It is statistics like these that are the driving force behind Bold Voices. Find out more here

Bold Voices is a start up providing gender equality education in schools by highlighting, discussing and analysing gendered inequalities with teachers and pupils. We are doing this because we believe that gender inequality is the greatest human rights challenge facing the world today.

Gender equality is not a women’s issue: it’s a human one.
— Michelle Cullen, Managing Director and Head of Diversity & Inclusion-Ireland, Accenture

What we do

Find out about our aim, our mission and the three prongs to our education.

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